Life is hard and sometimes sends us battles to fight. It is easy to feel beaten down and broken, especially when we try to get through these challenges alone.

Sometimes we need reminding that we are brave and fierce. That we may get knocked down, but we will pick ourselves up and fight another day. That we are warriors. 

Even the toughest times feel better when we know we're not alone, so if you know somebody who is struggling then take their hand and stand by their side. If you need somebody then ask them for help. Well-being is important and nobody should face battle alone.

Brave Warrior Well-being Keepsakes

I initially created these little well-being keepsakes to give to friends who were facing challenging times. They were a token from me to remind them of their strength and resilience, and show them I would be there for them.

They were definitely appreciated and I realised that if I knew so many people who could use a little warrior to stand with them in battle, then there were certainly many others out there who could too. 

So the tiny army of warriors were born, compete with weapons, shields and terrifyingly fierce war faces, so that you can get one of your very own, or gift one to a friend to show them you're there.

Tiny Brave Warrior Ornaments

Brave Warrior Chokers

Brave Warrior Necklaces



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