We recently found and dissected an owl pellet. I filmed it to share with you. You will have to excuse the excited children's heads and mobile phones in the way, along with a wobbly camera and out of frame shots. In the current lockdown situation, my girls wanted to video call their friends so that they could join in too and I make no apologies for sharing the fun.


I have taken close up photos of some of the bones so that you can try to identify them yourself, which you will find below. I have also created a worksheet which you can download by clicking the button below. It is a fillable Word document which can be printed or filled in digitally to save paper (you will need to enable editing first to do this). We haven't yet identified the bones or who they belong to so I can't give you definite answers. We're all exploring this together.


I would love to hear about your findings and if you enjoyed identifying the bones. Please drop me an email to jane@earthandairjewellery.com or get in touch via the Contact page.


Here are a couple of links to get you started with your identification:


The Natural History Museum Beginners Guide to Identifying Mammal Bones


The Barn Owl Trust Owl pellet contents: small mammal bone identification guide


Polite Copyright notice - Please keep in mind that these photographs and worksheets are entirely my own (and took me a long time and a lot of care to create). I have put them on here for your own personal use and you may print or fill out as many copies of the worksheet as you like, but I do not give permission for the images or Word files to be shared, copied or sold in any way without prior permission.


Thank you.

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