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Welcome to the Earth and Air Jewellery blog, where I share a bit about how I make these tiny treasures, the inspiration behind them, maybe the occasional creative mishap, and if we're lucky, a little bit about what these little fellas get up to when they reach their forever home.

5 Mar 2019

For some time now I have made donations to wildlife charities from sales of my little animals. This all began with the badgers. I passionately oppose the badger cull. I would love to join the Wounded Badger Patrol and do what I can practically to help protect these lovely creatures, but with having young children and living so far away from the cull zones I just can't get there. I do what I can to educate, campaign and lobby my MP, but in honesty I am left feeling pretty helpless. So I decided back in 2013 that I would donate to my lo...

26 Jan 2019

One of my very favourite jobs is making customised ring boxes for that perfect proposal. It is a real privilege to create something that has such an important job to do.

So I shall explain the whole designing and making process to give you an idea of how together we go about creating the perfect engagement ring box for you, your partner and your magical moment.

These proposal ring boxes feature one or more cute creatures holding a single or tiny bunch of flowers. They are made from polymer clay, with a wool felt lined ring holder, and c...

6 Oct 2017

This tale starts with poo (well, what better way to start a story).

A couple of years ago I found some poo in our back yard. While this isn’t really a treat for most people, I was unbelievably excited about it. This wasn’t any old poo, this was hedgehog poo. Ever stupidly optimistic, of course I decided I needed to get a hedgehog house. We live in a terraced house and don’t even have a garden, just a small yard, so what were the chances of anybody actually taking residence? Didn’t deter me, I was determined to try.

Well as you’d expect,...

5 Aug 2017

Ok, I handmake and sell my creations so of course I’m going say that there is something special about handmade treasures, but hear me out because this isn’t just me trying to sell my animals. This is a philosophy I have lived by for as long as I can possibly remember, and one you probably have too.

When we were young, how many of us proudly presented our loved ones a handmade card, a lovingly baked (if slightly inedible) cake, or a tiny bottle of ‘perfume’ we concocted in the garden shed by soaking rose petals in water for a few days?...

5 Apr 2017

I’ve just finished reading Fingers in the Sparkle Jar by Chris Packham, one of my lifelong wildlife heroes, and it got me thinking about those folk who have inspired my love for nature through the years. I’m generally not the kind of person who gets star struck or cares about celebrity, but I am awed by amazing minds, by those with passion, knowledge and a drive to fight for what they believe in. So here are some of the people I look up to, some people who may find me a bit over excited should I ever be lucky enough to meet them.

Sir D...

1 Dec 2016

You may remember a while ago I wrote a post about a badger engagement ring box I made for the super romantic Tom to propose to his gorgeous lady, Kat. (If you haven't seen it you can find it here. It even has a must see video of the spectacular proposal! Tom didn't do things by halves.)

Well some time on and Tom has just been back in touch to let me know that they have uploaded their wedding video onto their website, TomKatTales, to celebrate their six month anniversary. Grab the tissues (it isn't just me that cries at weddings right?)


18 Nov 2016

For many of us our first introduction to literature involved animals, and often those creatures were the British wildlife we may see out of our windows. Who wasn't read Beatrix Potter's Tales of Peter Rabbit as a child, heart in their mouth as they despair over the cheeky little bunny's dash to escape the garden and Mrs McGregor's rabbit pie?

For me, the book of my childhood was Fantastic Mr Fox. Most nights I would demand to hear the tale of how clever Foxy outwitted the mean farmers. Eventually my parents bought the audio book o...

2 Nov 2016

Today we had a lovely family visit to the South Lakes Safari Zoo. While I'm generally not a huge fan of wildlife in captivity it really is a wonderful place where the animals take priority, with big enclosures and many animals mixing and wandering freely throughout large areas of the park.

They do fantastic conservation work through the various wildlife charities they support, especially the Sumatran Tiger Trust, a charity close to my heart, and give honest information about the conservation status of the species they keep and the thre...

22 Oct 2016

Last Christmas I received a very special request indeed. Robin wanted to find the perfect way to propose to his beautiful partner, Saya (I knew she was beautiful because he told me, a lot). As it was to be a Christmas proposal we thought we'd go all out and have a robin engagement ring box (well of course) with glittery white and red, and to make it extra romantic it was covered in red roses.

Well Saya said "yes" and I couldn't have been happier for them. The love they share was palpable through the way Rob talked about Saya, and his c...

31 Jul 2016

If you follow me on Facebook then you may remember that a while ago my daughter and I thought we may have found a badger sett while we were out exploring.

Now since forever I have investigated every interesting looking hole in the ground that I have ever seen, and in my mind every one which was bigger than my head must of course be an entrance to a magical underground world that is a badger sett. This one felt different to the others though, it wasn't just the hole (well the collection of holes), there were other tell tale signs abou...

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