They reached the top of the hill and the breathtaking view opened up before them, the rolling landscape reaching as far as the eye could see.


She gasped as she turned to him, sharing in the wonder of the moment, 'Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?'


As he took her hand and dropped to one knee, he replied, 'Yes, you'.

Handmade Engagement Ring Boxes

These charming nature inspired engagement ring boxes are the ideal way to display the perfect ring for the perfect proposal. Who wouldn't say 'Yes' to one of these little guys?


They can also be completely customised and personalised for you and your partner, to make that wonderful moment extra special indeed.

Rat custom ring box.jpg

Well what can I say about this engagement box.. Other than it's absolutely amazing!


The attention to detail that Jane goes to is fantastic. Every last piece of the ring box can be customised to your liking, I asked Jane if it would be possible for her to replicate my recently passed away rat Moose to hold the ring. To my delight Jane accepted and replicated the little guy perfectly! I cannot thank Jane enough for making my engagement that extra special!

Customise your engagement ring box

Jane kept in contact each and every time she had made progress, providing pictures and double checking that I was happy with how it was coming along.


Again I cannot thank Jane enough for her hard work. I would 100% recommend this to anybody wanting something a little more personal with a sweet touch.

Regards Adam

Custom dog engagement ring box
Personalised Proposal Ring Box
Double ring holder proposal ring box

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