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These may either be:


  • session cookies, that expire after you close the browsing window.


  • persistent cookies, that hang around on your device after you’ve closed the window (these will stay there until you choose to delete them or they reach a set expiry date).


These cookies may be set by:


  • this website. These are first party cookies. They may help you to use the site smoothly and set preferences.


  • another organisation. These are third-party cookies. They may allow social media sharing, tracking and analytics.


I use several categories of cookies, and each has a different purpose:


  • Strictly necessary cookies. These are required for the smooth operation of this website. They are usually session cookies and placed by this website. They do things like:

    • help you to navigate around the website.

    • remember shopping basket contents.

    • allow you to access secure areas of the website.

    • help to support the structure of the website.​


  • Functionality cookies. These remember preferences to help provide a better service. They are often persistent cookies and may be placed by this website or a third-party organisation. They do things like:

    • remember your preferences such as language and currency settings.

    • allow your browser to remember login details and passwords (although the actual password isn’t usually stored in the cookies).

    • remember if you have consented to accept cookies, so that I don’t have to keep asking you if you’d like to accept them (nobody wants to keep being pestered to accept cookies that they can’t even eat).


  • Marketing and analytical cookies. These collect information about how visitors use my website to help me improve performance and service. These are persistent cookies, placed by either Facebook or Google Analytics, and remain stored on your device after the browsing session has finished (you can find the Google Analytics privacy information here and the Facebook privacy notice here). They do things like:

    • monitor conversions from Facebook advertising (Facebook Pixel).

    • allow me to build custom audiences that may be interested in my products (Facebook Pixel)

    • monitor the times and durations of your visits (Google Analytics).

    • monitor the number of pages you visit (Google Analytics).

    • monitor the country and city you visit from (Google Analytics).

    • monitor how the user found my website (Google Analytics).

    • monitor the language used by your browser (Google Analytics).

    • monitor the type of device you are using (Google Analytics).

    • monitor the operating system you are using (Google Analytics).

    • I do not currently use Google Analytics to monitor user demographics (like age, gender, lifestyle preferences and product or purchase interests).


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Learn how to control cookies on your browser here and how to delete cookies here.


You can see information about how your personal data is used, stored and shared here.

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