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Welcome to Earth and Air Jewellery


Handcrafted tiny treasures that will delight lovers of all things wild and wonderful.


I lovingly hand sculpt a selection of wildlife jewellery, engagement ring boxes, tiny ornaments, bookmarks and gifts, inspired by our beautiful British wildlife to make the child inside you smile.

She sits, crouched, without even socks on her tiny feet.


She is as still and quiet as her young self can be. If she moves it might startle, if she speaks it may leave.


But slowly, cautiously, the red squirrel comes and takes the nut gently from her outreaching fingers.


Decades later she still cherishes the memory of that most precious moment.

Red squirrel necklace

A delightful British wildlife gift


If you know a wildlife lover that needs a little treat then take a look at these tiny handcrafted animals. Like many, I've always been obsessed with wild animals and they have always inspired my creations. Each tiny creature is squeezed, squished, rolled and pulled into shape with my two fair hands, making every adorable one as individual as the person receiving it.


Whether it's a necklace or an ornament, bookmark or engagement ring box, these little guys are the ideal reminder of why we love the creatures we share this land with. They can be gift boxed in lovely recycled boxes so come ready for giving. And with donations made to wildlife charities from some sales, these little guys help to protect our beautiful British wildlife too.

'This lady is just amazing, cannot fault her helpfulness or skill in her creations. Absolutely recommend her.'


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